Found Birds Advice and Albums

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Sighting Only

If you only get a sighting of a pet bird, try and get a photo. If it's not possible then get as accurate a description as you can.. size, colours, tail length sounds made etc and location. Please, post this information on Peterborough's Lost Pets or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. This will give an owner more of a chance to be reunited with their feathered friend. Please, also be advised Peterborough now has a few wild Ringneck colonies 

If you can contain the bird

Firstly place in a box or suitable cage/crate with a shallow dish of water and suitable food (google if unsure of foods to give) and keep warm.

It is usually best to get a vet check for found birds as the smallest of scratches or injury can lead to serious illness very quickly and can go unnoticed, they will also be able to scan the bird for a chip. An avian vet is best for this but most vets will be able to scan and check for injury. 

Take a clear photo of the bird and take note of any features such as a leg ring and code and any other unique features. Don't give this information out on posts as it will usually be the only way an owner can ID there bird. 

Enquire with vets and rescue centres in your area and post on local social media pet sites, also log with groups such as Petslocated and Lost and Found Parrots UK on Facebook. 

If you are unable to reunite the bird quickly and cannot look after the bird yourself or need help in doing so;  contact us at Peterborough's Lost Pets or use the form at the bottom of the page. We can put you in touch with a suitable foster. Birds can cover some distance in the first few hours/days lost so enquiries further afield may be necessary. 

If possible put some posters up in your area to allow those not on social media to find them. 

Reuniting with their owner

We STRONGLY suggest that any finder establishes proof of ownership, before handing over a pet.

Ask for photos, vet records, etc. If you are unsure please contact your local vet.

Get In Touch

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