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There are numerous kinds of pet snake but corn snakes, king snakes, pythons and boas are the most commonly kept. Pet snakes vary widely in size, colouration and behaviour. If you live in a heavily built-up area, it’s more likely you’ve seen a pet snake rather than a British snake. Most are harmless, but you should check before handling. Normally they haven’t moved far from their owner, although very occasionally pet snakes are deliberately released at remote locations. We always recommend that you check with neighbours as there is quite often a happy reunion in the end.

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The best course of action is for the snake to be captured and taken into captivity with a responsible keeper. Leaving the snake in a garden, or in the wild generally, can cause problems. Firstly, the snake itself will be at risk (many pet snakes won’t thrive in Britain). Secondly, the snake could pose a risk to our native wildlife. RSPCA 1234 555 may be able to help once identification is sought.


This information was supplied by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation with there agreement. For further information on found snakes or the fantastic work that they do click here

Snakes are protected by law, It’s illegal to kill or harm any British snake, including any found in gardens



There are three species of lizard in the UK – the Common Lizard, the Sand Lizard and the Slow-Worm (a type of legless lizard often mistaken for a snake). Of these three species, you are most likely to see Slow-Worms or common lizards in your garden.

The UK’s rarest lizard, the Sand Lizard, tends only to be found in heathland or dune habitat and is unlikely to be seen at all in most gardens. (source Froglfe). If you believe it the lizard is a pet a local vet or RSPCA 1234 555 may be able to help

Lizards are protected by law, It’s illegal to kill or harm any British lizard, including any found in gardens



There are no tortoises native to the UK, so if you find one it will be a pet tortoise. Even though they can get up some speed surprisingly, the tortoise will probably not be far from home. If no luck with neighbours please pop to a vet or call the RSPCA(0300 1234 555). 

Remember, if you are ever offered a tortoise for sale which does not have the required paperwork, the reason may be that it has been stolen. Never buy a tortoise in these circumstances, and report the matter to the local Wildlife Crime Officer – it is an offence to offer an Annex A tortoise for sale without the relevant Article 10 documentation.

Remember to post any found reptiles to our group Peterborough's Lost Pets Ltd or drop us an email


Important contacts for all reptiles  


Exotic Pet Refuge

07706 999 838 or (01778) 345 923



0300 1234 999


Woodgreen Animal Shelter

0300 303 9333

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