Lost Cats Advice

Whether it is a just few hours, weeks or months that your pet has been lost, it can be very hard to stay positive. However, there is a lot you can do and a variety of ways that we can help you.

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Image by Austin Distel

Social Media 

Make sure that you add your missing cat to Peterborough's Lost Pets and to any local facebook groups that cover your area.

Cat Litter Box

Familiar scents

If your cat uses a litter tray, put some of their used litter on the garden. Alternatively, put the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag on your garden. The familiar scent will help guide them home or keep them in the area.

Garden Shed

Sheds and outbuildings

Check any outbuildings, sheds, under decking, under cars and in bushes. Get people on your road to do the same not just your immediate neighbours. 


Late at night

Thes best time to go looking for your cat is around 23:00, this is prime hunting time for cats. Please, do not go out alone and take reflective clothing and a torch. Take familiar sounds such as a to or their cat biscuits/treats.


Posters and Nextdoor app

Contact local animal organisations and all vets to register the cat as missing. Put posters up in your local area to see if anyone has seen him/her (with the council's permission). If you have a smartphone Nextdoor is a good app to download to send alerts out to users in your neighbourhood. Your insurance may cover advertisement too.

Veterinarian checking  microchip of cat

Microchip company

Give your chip company a call to notify them that your cat is missing and check your details are up to date. If you are unsure what chip company your cat is registered with give your vet a call.

s seen him/her (with the council's permission). If you have a smartphone Nextdoor is a good app to download to send alerts out to users in your neighbourhood.


Vets and Council

Register the cat lost at all vets, catteries, rescue homes within a 20-mile radius. Also, give Peterborough council a call (01733747474), in case your cat has been picked up and has passed to Rainbow Bridge. Please, also visit our Rainbow Bridge page here


Escaped kitten

We often get notified of people thinking their kitten has escaped their house. Kittens are fantastic at hiding in a house due to their size and their love of sleeping. Make sure you check in and behind everything. Places to check first is in bedding, draws, wardrobes and baskets. Also look behind TV's, cupboards and white goods

Image by Nathaniel dahan


Check with neighbours and businesses to see if your pet has been spotted and what direction they have travelled in.

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If you locate your cat, but you are unable to coax your cat home. Cats Protection, RSPCA, Cat Rescue could lend you a trap



Once you are reunited, please pass on your good news to us. It will give other hope of finding their pet. Please, take-down any poster in your local area, so people don't carry on looking. We do advise if your cat is injured/poorly or been missing over 7 days to pop them to a vet to be checked over. Your gut instinct when your cat returns hungry or underweight is to to give them a massive bowl of food. This can be harmful to a cat's digestions. Give small amounts of good quality food that is low in carbs.

Get In Touch

If have any problems please email us at PeterboroughsLostPets@gmail.com