Lost Dogs

Whether it is a just few hours, weeks or months that your pet has been lost, it can be very hard to stay positive. However, there is a lot you can do and a variety of ways that we can help you.

Check areas your dog is familiar with

Firstly, if you have a small dog, check anywhere within the house they could be hiding. Search areas where you would normally take your dog for a walk or, if you’ve moved recently, ask around at your old address. Ask your neighbours to check anywhere where your dog may have got trapped such as sheds or garages. If there are any building sites nearby, ask them to have a look around. Also, take treats and your dog’s favourite toy when out on your search as familiar scents and sounds (their favourite squeaker) may alert them to your presence. Make sure you are walking in the direction of your home and don’t cover the area too quickly.

Speak to neighbours to alert them to the fact that your dog is lost the more people keeping a lookout the better. Ask local dog walkers to keep a lookout while they are in your area.

Report your dog missing to your microchip company

Inform your microchip company that your dog is lost as soon as possible, this will stop someone being able to try and change the microchip details. Equally, it is an opportunity to check that your details are up to date should anyone find your dog and need to contact you. Some companies, such as Petlog, will also be able to send out alerts of your missing dog to their network.

Contact your local dog warden

The dog warden service will collect any stray dogs found wandering the street (9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday)


Peterborough 01733 747474/07795 383003 - Out of hours - 01733 864157

Fenland dog warden 01354 622442 - Whittlesey and Turves etc.

South Holland dog warden 01775 761161 - Crowland.

South Kesteven dog warden 01476 406303 -  Market Deeping

Huntingdonshire dog warden 01480 388388 - Alwalton, Yaxley and Farcet.

Report your dog missing to nearby vets

Even if your dog is microchipped it’s important you check with local veterinary surgeries as if your dog has somehow become injured. They may have been taken to a local vet for help. Please make sure you contact VetsNow as they take in dogs out of hours - 01733 808 197


If you suspect your dog has been stolen, report it to the police. They may be aware of similar activities in your area and be able to help you.


Check with neighbours and businesses to see if your pet has been spotted and what direction they have travelled in

Contact your Local Authority

It's not the nicest call to have to make but it is important to find out who is responsible for collecting animals that have sadly been involved in road accidents in your area. Peterborough City council collect any deceased pets and they do a scan for microchips (01733 747474)

Spread the word

Remember to put the posters inside plastic sleeves to protect them from the rain if they're outside. Put them up in local shops, vets, pubs, noticeboards, the area where your pet went missing and through the doors of neighbouring streets. We strongly recommend that you inform your local council before displaying posters on lamp posts, phone boxes, bus stops and any other property that is the responsibility of the council. Other great places include pubs, shops, supermarkets, etc. Make sure you post the posters/leaflets through doors on your street and nearby area. If you have pet insurance some companies, cover this.


Fill in the form at the top of the page and we will be notified and construct one of our posters to share around social media. Please also, join Peterborough’s Lost Pets on Facebook and you will be able to share the poster to your wall.

Eye in the sky

If you have a dog missing, you can contact Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK for assistance as long as not missing in a built-up area. You will need to join Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK and message them with the following information.

  • Owners full name

  • Owners contact number

  • Dogs name

  • Postcode of the search area

  • Recent photo

  • Details of dog including temperament

Feeding station

A lost dog may be looking for food, set up a feeding/water station, with smelly pet food or meat. It is also worth adding something with familiar sent like bedding.

Get In Touch


When you find your dog please remember to inform everyone who is keeping an eye out for them and take down any lost posters.






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