Our Story

Peterborough's Lost Pets was founded on March 1st 2015, by Sarah, with James and Mandy joining the admin team. Peterborough's Lost Pets was created to offer a free service to pet owners who have lost their pet in the PE1-PE7 area. We soon realised after the first year that we could offer a lot more. We set up this website and started working with the local council and charities to help reunite even more pets.

We pushed for the introducing of deceased pets being picked up by the council and being scanned. Also, two 24hr drop-off points for dogs when the Peterborough Dog Warden is off duty.

 Jules joined the team, bringing her wealth of knowledge on birds. Then in 2020 Hayley and Jennie officially joined as volunteers. Our mission, however, has remained the same - Working to reunite owners with their lost pets through social network and linking with charities and veterinary practices in Peterborough. Educating owners to prevent their pets from going missing.


Sarah Ashley


Specialises in cats

James Hodgson


Specialises in cats

Mandy Ireland


Specialises in dogs

Jules Murray


Specialises in birds

Jennie Martin


Specialises in cats, dogs and small animals


Hayley Randall


Specialises in dogs

Image by Ramiz Dedaković

Pennie - Jan 2020

I’ve only been in this group for about 2 weeks after I spotted a lost dog, I just wanted to say to all the admins and people in this group how amazing you all are! I see you all dedicating yourself and your time into helping all these lost babies and helping them get home safe. You are all doing an amazing job! Thank you all for everything you do! ❤️❤️❤️

Image by Amy Humphries

Susie - June 2020

Jules has been absolutely amazing co-ordinating a safe reunion with a lost pet and its owner, putting her family to one side to help. Peterborough pets are very lucky to have such a kind person looking out for them 👏🥰

Image by My Name

Elaine - Dec 2016

Fantastic! Dedicated admin who are committed to helping people find their lost pets or reunite found pets. I'm so glad I found this page, received so much advice and help. Thank you for the great work!

 Reunited so far in 2021

*Updated weekly, of pets that have been advertised on our Facebook Group being reunited with their families (excluding Rainbow Bridges)






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