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Peterborough's deceased pets now scanned 


There has been a lot of progress over the past couple of years with regards to local authorities, Highways Agency, environmental health departments etc and what they do with deceased domestic animals they collect, whether that be on the road or wherever. We have been in discussions with Peterborough City Council since late last year about their policies, and thanks to helping and advice from vets, RSPCA, and our MP, I am proud to share the following email with you. PCC and Amey, who collect our local pets found on roads, have now confirmed that they have now got full access to the microchip register and changed their policy so that instead of merely matching a chip to a report of 'lost' from an owner, they now proactively trace and contact the owner. We can now say our council at least, is doing that side of the job as well as they can. Now it's up to you to get those pets chipped!! Well done to all who helped.

Peterborough's Lost Pets

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Reuniting Dave and Jack

Sept -18

Some amazing news, Dave & Jack finally reunited. ❤️❤️ We would like to thanks Peterborough's lost pets  & Sarah for working with us to reunite them both. Also, thank you to the great people who contacted us at Love & Humanity Peterborough tonight with the amazing information 

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Peterborough now has a 24hr stray dog drop off

Apr -17

Great News!!! As you may be aware a few months back the team at Peterborough's Lost Pets became concerned over the lack of assistance when a dog was found out of the Dog Wardens working hours.

We raised this issue with Stewart Jackson, who put us in touch with the relevant team at Peterborough City Council.
Over the last few months, we've been working together to make this a reality.

I'm pleased to say with immediate effect Peterborough now has an out-of-hours acceptance point for stray dogs. (outside the Dog Warden hours, including weekends).

I've attached a poster below with the new procedure. Over the next few months, I would appreciate feedback from people that use the service e.g. what worked well and what didn't. So we can work with the Peterborough City Council to make it the best service possible.


Out of hours, phone number is - 01733 864157

Orton News


We would like to say a big thank you to Cllr Julie Howell, for advertising our service in the Autumn 18 Orton News
It was a very nice surprise :)

Peterborough Matters

March 20

Whether you're pro-working from home or anti-, one member of your household that will appreciate it is your fur-friends.

It may start to make things challenging when you attempt to work, but who could dare tell them to get off your lap?


Peterborough's Lost Pets owner Sarah decided to make light of the tough times and ask people to share snaps of their pets working from home. 

She wrote: "With a lot of Peterborough now working from home, our pets are living the dream. We'd love to see how your pets are 'helping you'." 

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Peterborough Matters


One group that knows all about losing their pets - through accident or deliberate action - is the Peterborough's Lost Pets Facebook group. 

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Peterborough Matters


Peterborough woman reunites with her missing cat after 3 years
Lesley lost her cat Oscar in Orton Malborne in 2017 and three years later, earlier this month, she was reunited with her purr-fect pet.

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Peterborough Telegraph


Some of the lost pets found by a remarkable Peterborough group of volunteers and lengths they go to so that owners can be reunited with their beloved cats and dogs...

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Image by Markus Winkler