A Wander from Westwood to Whittlesey

 The very lucky Custard is home with Jelly after his 17 day adventure from Westwood to Whittlesey. It is believed he got in someone's car engine to keep warm and ended up in Whittlesey. Custard's journey consisted of over 10 miles (see below)

Thankfully a lady took him to Whittlesey Vets after he took up residence in their shed. Ellie from Whittlesey Vets kindly shared the post on to Peterborough's Lost Pets and us and Lisa noticed the uncanny resemblance to Custard. Even the collar match, unfortunately his chip wasn't up to date. This called for frantic messages and calls to his owner Vicky. Then the next morning Vicky saw we had been trying to contact her and she called the vets when it opened.

After many hours of waiting on tenterhooks Custard was reunited with Vicky, Jelly and the rest of the family 17:30 yesterday.

Vicky let us know how he was doing today "I love this site it helped our family get 1 of our beloved cats custard home. He is seeing the vets on Sunday just to have a check up as we have found some scrapes and scabbing on his paws that looked as if they could be sore. Custard is having a bath today to get him back to being black and white instead of black and grey I know I have said it before but thank you so much again xx"

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