Beautiful Bramble

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

By Jules

At about 11.00am  New Years Day, a post popped up on Peterborough's Lost Pets by Miranda,  alerting to a black and white dog in the bushes, on Parnwell way. I offered to come and help search, as they were still there with the dog and given we were all feeling a little under the weather due to the day, all help gratefully accepted.

When I arrived; Miranda was on the roadside attempting to stop traffic and her daughter Nicole was deep in the bramble bushes, sat close to a very scared but beautiful dog. She had been there for about half an hour (in her P.J's and a coat!) trying to gain his trust, but he wouldn't get near enough without running off. After a few attempts to grab, or flush out to us waiting; he disappeared into the brambles. Shortly after Miranda's hubby joined us in the search .. which continued for over an hour but with the thick brambles we had no success. We all agreed that we had done what we could and went home. 

 Sadly Karen who was on her way to help came off her bike and broke her wrist in multiple places and required stitches. Shortly after Nickola said she had just got to the sighting after getting a lift from her lovely mum .. so I joined them in another search ... over an hour again and a few more bramble pricks for all.... no joy.  Several rescue and animal charity's were also contacted to be on alert and, that night a trap was set in secret in the hope... but unfortunately no luck.

The next morning Mirandas daughter Nicole sat in the brambles for a couple of hours hoping for a sighting ... nothing, I also went back that afternoon, again , nothing. We all hoped for another sighting, by now all of us were on a group chat, and had decided to give him a name .. "Bramble"   (seemed appropriate) we arranged posters etc for the next day and hoped the trap would work that night, But sadly It didn't. 

I had had a joint of beef defrosted for New Years Day... never got cooked.. so next morning I took it to the only sighting area we had .. and left in hope that at least if he was there he would have a meal, then went on my errands for the day.  A short while later Sally commented on the original Peterborough's Lost Pets post that she had seen Bramble that morning in the same bushes. so I headed home and to my joy also spotted him walking through the bushes.

I parked up grabbed supplies and went back, and there he was sitting under the bush where I'd left the beef earlier . I messaged the group and Sarah contacted Josh at Fenland Animal Rescue and Peterborough Dog Warden to come and help. While I was waiting for them my friend Jay and Miranda's daughter Nicole and her friend Leanne arrived (armed with more treats) and all headed into the bushes to search. Shortly after Josh and the warden arrived and the search began in earnest. 

About 30 mins in we were all loosing hope with Josh buckle deep in mud and tons more bramble scratches. Then Josh spotted him caught under a fence in a ditch, after a quick wrangle with the catch pole and a lift over the fence and through the bushes... Bramble was finally caught!!!! 

He had been there for at least three weeks and was very cold, hungry and scared. He willingly jumped in the van to be taken to a warm kennel and later a check up at the vets, all was well and is now being looked after.

It took a great effort from all involved ... the power of teamwork, but Bramble will be warm and happy tonight xx 

Jules paid Bramble a surprise visit today (11/01). She also brought along for him a collar, toys, treats and bedding. She then took him on a longer than anticipated walk as she got lost (we think Bramble just wanted more time with Jules). Included below is the pictures and video Jules took on her walk.


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