Bonne Chance Budgie

Updated: Sep 26

Written by Jules

On the 2nd of September, Alison Sheppard posted on PE4 Chatter after seeing a Grey parrot in the trees in her garden in the Fulbridge road area.

I went down to see if there was any way of catching him but unfortunately, he was over 30ft up a tree. A ladder was found, but he flew away as soon as he saw it.

We searched the field behind the house and talked with dog walkers and locals, just as we were calling it a day a lady called us over, he had been seen on a house a few streets down, so I went back for my nets and cage etc and drove round to the area seen.

I could hear him as soon as I pulled up wolf-whistling, I followed his whistles and found him in a tree .. this time about 20 ft up but not in a position to fly down anywhere helpful. At this point, he was telling me "Oh dear, Oh dear Budgie" as well as his whistles. I was chatting and whistling with him for over an hour but he wasn't planning on moving so I again had to admit defeat.

The next day he was in the same area, but again not showing any signs of wanting to end his escapade. Given the name he had been repeating, it led me to believe that I knew who may own him a man named Budgie from the area met a few years ago during a previous search, gave him a call and he confirmed it was his Grey and had been missing since Weds 1st.

On the 4th, Joy and Tracey contacted me to say he had been sighted in the trees by Camellia Close, I went along... and yep there he was now over 40ft up!! Chatting away, lots of locals came by to try and offer help, I gave Budgie a call and he came down with his Daughter and Grandson to see if he would have any better luck, unfortunately again the angle he would have had to fly down was impossible for him and after much calling and trying we had to admit defeat yet again when dark set in.

On Sunday Heather Ess messaged me to say he was seen in a tree in her neighbours garden that morning but had flown off. We then heard nothing until Monday morning when Davis messaged me to say he had seen a Grey wolf-whistling in a tree at his work in Woodston earlier that day but hadn't stayed long.

No further sightings until we received messages from Hannah and Andy Maclaren as they were fishing at Crown lakes in Farcet and a Grey Parrot had been sat next to them for a while. After learning it was likely to be Budgie's missing bird he attempted to net him, but alas wasn't successful and once more off he flew, but the next day an almost identical message came thru from Bradley Norton, he was at the lakes fishing and a parrot was sat with him.

I talked him through trying to catch and gave him Jennie's number if he did so she could go and collect as I was out of town.

Two minutes later Jennie let us know she was on her way; he had managed to net him!! She bravely wrangled him into a carrier (not going without a small injury from a rather sharp beak 😖) and I gave Budgie a call to let him know his boy was on his way home.

It was a good chase and a great outcome. Budgie would like to pass on his heartfelt thanks to all who helped, messaged, shared or just cared which allowed him to be reunited with his lad 😁 xx


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