Covert Charlie

Back at the beginning of March, a lovely lady called Sian spotted a little mattered dog in a field in Newborough. Two of the Peterborough Lost Pets team join Sian to try and persuade the poor fur baby we were there to help.

We soon realised we need to get a trap and feeding stations set up for this baby. After a couple of days, there was a pattern to his route so a team set up a trap in a lovely farm owners yard.

In the end, the trap wasn't needed as Charlie was so exhausted one of the team and their sister were able to grab him.

As he wasn't chipped and had a lot of attention. We were advised to keep details to a minimum to give his true owners 7 days to come forward.

He was taken into the fantastic care of the Peterborough Dog Warden. Where was truly pampered. The Dog Warden arranged a lovely safe home away from Peterborough for him.

We can truly say Charlie has landed on his paws :) xx


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