Cheeky Cherry

Writen by Nick and Graham from Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK

From Nick....Wow what a weekend of events. The initial call for assistance came through late on Friday, the area was attended within 30 minutes of the request and the whole area around the outside of the kennels was checked with the thermal scope. As the kennels were all locked up for the night, only the perimeter and surrounding fields could be checked, thank you to Graham for making all the phone calls late Friday night
Saturday morning, the kennels were visited and full access was allowed for myself and the wonderful ground searchers and pilot that attended. The grounds were checked thoroughly but Cherry was nowhere to be seen. It became clear later that Cherry and only Cherry would decide who saw her and when!
Cameras and feeding stations were set up immediately, pilot Steve had flown the surrounding areas and then begun to fingertip search the grounds of the kennels. Jules from Peterborough's Lost Pets coordinated ground search teams and checked the roads leading down to the kennels and all connecting areas.
Once the area had gone quiet, working closely with the owners of Amblewood kennels and cattery advice was given on lost/missing dog behaviour and what steps were being taken. They took on all advice and worked incredibly close with the trapping team and did everything in their power to assist.
At 10pm Saturday, I had the first sighting, Cherry popped her head up at the end of the kennels garden and was seen on the thermal trotting happily backwards and forwards without a care in the world. Myself and the kennel owners watched with baited breath through the thermal and at 1am, the trap was built and placed where she had been seen. Cherry was having none of it and cleared off to bed, whilst we stayed out until 3am just in case. Cherry was running this show!
Sunday was handover day, I had to leave the area but had been working throughout with Teri from Albi's friends, a fellow trapper and she was fully up to speed with everything that had been done. Her cameras and trap were set up and the wait continued
As Cherry had decided to have Sunday off, cameras were moved on Monday morning and the owners dressing gown placed close to where she was seen the first time. Within 30 minutes, Cherry came out of hiding, sniffed the dressing gown and after eating food that had been put out for her, curled up on the dressing gown and fell asleep on it.
Once she woke up and left the area, the trap was quickly placed on top of the dressing gown, as she was so nervous, this gave her the benefit of having a familiar scent around the trap with some great smelling food inside. Not for our Cherry, she walked around the trap, sniffed at the food, then fell asleep on the dressing gown, leaning against the trap! She stayed there all night
At 5am this morning, Teri contacted Elliott from Amblewood and put a new plan in place, cut the arm off the dressing gown so it would fit in the tiny trap, turn it slightly so the entrance was pointing at where she slept and see what happened. Cherry liked this new plan
She waited until Elliott had turned his back to walk away, walked to the trap entrance, followed the dressing gown sleeve to the back of the trap and the door shut and she was safe, tired and thirsty but safe
People have been judgemental of the kennels that she escaped from but they put their hands up immediately and asked for help. They went out of their way to ensure anyone that attended could search their grounds. They worked with myself and Teri every minute of every day to ensure Cherry's safe capture, they could not have done any more to help.
Accidents happen, anyone reading any missing dog post will know that, they go missing from homes, kennels, dog walkers, home boarders, relatives homes etc. But unless you have full cooperation, the task of getting them safe is made much more difficult
Hopefully Cherry's owner Migle will now be able to enjoy the remainder of her holiday, safe in the knowledge that her little bundle of joy is now safe again and when I say little, I mean little. She escaped through a tiny gap less than the size of my thumb length
Thank you to everyone that has shared, searched, flown, got soaked, not slept and walked miles trying to find Cherry, apologies if I've not tagged all individuals, welcome home puppy x
From Graham...Wow what a fantastic account of events Nick, thats amazing. Firstly want to thank you for acting so fast. As soon as Migle, posted to the group and I accepted the post you were PM’ing me telling me you were on your way so I knew we were in good hands right from the start I even assured Migle, of this when I spoke to her. It’s been a worrying few days for all with people asking whats going on and have there been any sightings but I know the way you work and its to keep everything quiet and just get on with it as proved here well done mate.
So many people to thank from pilots to ground searchers even Mandy, in a wheelchair total dedication to ground searching for the group and missing pets all the members of Peterborough’s Lost Pets, and Elliott, the owner of Amblewood Kennels, who I spoke to on the phone and gave us his full cooperation throughout this search and rescue. I think I said in comments I didn’t think Cherry, would be very far from where she had gone missing from and this proved to be right apparently she was only 100 yards away bless her.
You see us always advising to use the owners unwashed clothing. The reason for this is the dog bonds with you by your scent a dog will very often be at your feet or sat by you on the sofa this is bonding he or she is smelling you all the time and knows when he or she can smell you knows they are safe as proved here with Cherry, and her mums dressing gown. As soon as that was placed on the floor and she found it she knew she was safe.
Anyway thank you thank you to all who responded to this call for help it is very much appreciated thank you
Little Cherry, safe on her mums scented dressing gown.

We want to thank Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK, The Lost Dog Trapping Team Search and Rescue Network, Albie's Friends, Amblewoods kennels and the public for all your help over the last few days. You have been amazing :)

From Migle....Just also wanna add - Amblewoods kennels been helping in all way they can - nothing dodgy here, it was simply human mistake, lesson is learnt who knows my dog, knows she is very very cheeky and curious and active (dog suits the owner) I am thankful to them for all they did to help to find my cheeky little bugger. Also huge thank you to all my friends, family, unknown people who been looking for her. Massive thank you to Peterborough lost pets group for reassuring me that everything gonna be fine And im extremely thankful to Drone SAR for lost dogs crew which managed get that crazy little puppet home

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