Chester's Crusade

The beautiful Chester is home after his 110 miles round trip. On the 14th of November, Chester decided to be a stereotypical cat. Curious to see what was going on he jumped in a furniture removal lorry visiting a neighbour. Unfortunately, he decided to go and nosy right at the back of all the furniture, so when they finished loading and locked up they didn't see him.

He then travelled approx 54 miles south to Letchworth The removal company got a surprise when they opened the door and found Chester sat there.

The removal company contacted the local RSPCA branch who came out and scanned him and contacted his worried family. Thankfully his chip details were kept up to date.

Six days after he went missing the RSPCA brought him home and he is purring his heart, none the wiser to the panic he caused.

This proves the power of getting your pet micro-chipped. If he hadn't of been chipped, he may not have been reunited.

Glad your home munchkin, now no more going near vans. xx


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