Daisy's Detour

On the 29th of January one of our group members Tirra, contacted us to say she had seen what looked like a German Shepherd running through the fields in Coates. We popped a post on our group ASAP.

Bethany soon contacted us to say her German Shepard Daisy had gone missing half an hour earlier. We got a poster made and started spreading it over social media.

That day there was multiple sightings of Daisy in Turves and Coates. However, no one could get close enough to her. The next day there was no more sightings of Daisy anywhere.

Thankfully on the 31st, we had a sighting her, but 12 miles away in Yaxley. We thought at first it was another German Shepherd loose in the area. Later that afternoon more reports came rolling in. Then one of Daisy's owners Heidi caught sight of her and knew a 100% it was her. With so many sightings close to the A1 we started to get worried for her and drivers safety as was coming up to rush hour. We decided to it was best to contact local businesses to put a warning out. Mandy on our admin team also put a warning out on the local radio. Then we got the message we were dreading a dog had been hit by a car on the Soke parkway. We rang Bethany to let her know before she saw the news on Facebook. We both headed over there, as soon as we could. We found out that it was another poor owners furbaby had passed away. R.I.P beautiful furbaby x.

We continued to track ever sighting of Daisy, then again we went a day without any sightings. At this point, 40+ people joined a group chat and arrange search parties in Coates Alwalton and Norman Cross covering all bases. Finally, at 15:00 we got a breakthrough another sighting at the Premier Inn Norman Cross. Daisy owners and volunteers went to search the area. After a few hours of no sightings, the group chat talked about spots to place a trap as she had been sighted there on more than one occasion. In the meantime, Jamie added a food station and fixed a camera to keep watch.

The search party was heading home when another sighting came in at 19:00 at Vosa Parking the search party headed straight there. Constantly sharing location on mobile messenger to keep safe. Unfortunately, by the time the party got there was no sight. We started to share Daisy post in Sawtry and there was sighting in Woodwalton. As the team headed in that direction. A worrying thought came across everyone's mind if she carried on the way she was going she would be on the military base. Everyone was hoping for another sighting back towards Peterborough. Sure enough, 20 minutes later there was another sighting on Woodwalton Lane and her owners and the rest of the team headed there. Then came through on the group messages that she's been caught. We kept asking if it was 100% she been caught and was it Daisy. We only had to wait a few minutes but it seemed liked hours. Then her owners confirmed it was Daisy. Heidi and Dom's dogs had led them to her and Dom was able to corner and catch her. The group was exacted as you can imagine, with everyone overjoyed. Daisy however, didn't know what all the fuss was about.

The next day Daisy had a full check over from the vets and she was absolutely fine. Hayley one of the volunteers who owns Muddy Paws Dog Grooming spoiled her with a pamper session to get rid of the mud.

A massive thank you to everyone who shared. Especially to the 40 plus volunteers that went out day and night to bring her home across 3 counties. After travelling 20 miles she home where she belongs. Stay safe baby girl.


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