Gizmo's Gallivant

Yesterday afternoon Lucille posted about a cat that had been visiting her and her cat.

One of our group member's Carole crossed-reference our missing cats against this spotted cat. She showed Lucille, who messaged us straight away. Unfortunately, at this point, the cat wasn't around anymore.

We agreed the markings matched missing Gizmo, we messaged Audrey and sent her the picture. As soon as Audrey saw the picture she knew it was Gizmo.

We set up a group chat as Lucille knew the cat would be back. She was right, this morning Gizmo had come back and she was able to catch her.

Jules drove out to Turves to check the chip, to make sure it was a 100% Gizmo. When we ran the chip all of Gizmo details matched.

Gizmo had travelled 5.1 miles from her home in Whittlesey to where she was found in Turves. If only she could tell us her story.

One happy family reunited together on this rainy weekend

From Audrey....Gizmo is home and went straight to her bed thanks again everyone

Stay safe Gizmo and no more galivanting :) x


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