Homesick Henry

Roll back to the 7th of December Jules came across a post on the Farcet Village Community Page. Where a lovely family had found a tabby cat on their doorstep that was looking for shelter from the cold.

Jules arrange with Liam and Pan to go chip check the cat in the morning. The cat was chipped, but the details were out of date. However, one of the possible owners of the found cat surname matched the chip. Once they gave us the details that would be on the chip we had a match.

Later that day it came to light that poor Henry had been taken to the vets approx a year and a half earlier as believe to of been hit by a car and had broke his pelvis in two places. Lucy had kindly paid for the treatment he needed, as the vets could not locate his owner as details were out of date.

Henry was reunited with his loving family last night. We have highlighted to his family about keeping his chip details up todate going forward.

Dale and Rosie said the below...

Thank you so much to everyone who has looked after our Henry. We are over the moon to have him home after 3 years. The kids are going to be so excited to see him in the morning

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