Josi's Jaunt

On the 20th May 2020 Shaani posted with us that his lovely Indian Ringneck Josi had escaped her home, she was sighted in neighbours gardens that night and heard the next day, but would not come down to Shaani, and then the sightings ceased and Shaani feared the worst, that she had flown away never to return.

But then, on the 26th May Susie commented on our post, saying she thought she has seen and heard a similar bird eating the fruit in her Pear tree.

The bird had been visiting morning and evenings since around the time Josi escaped. We contacted Josi's owner to let him know she had been sighted and to find out what could possibly tempt her down. I took a trap cage round to Susie's and set it up with some treats and seed in the hope she would venture in.

Susie and her family spent many hours sat in the garden, watching and waiting but unfortunately she was more than happy with the pears on offer in the tree and after nearly a week hadn't ventured down into the garden, I didn't want to try and net her as she probably would leave the area completely.

We were just getting to the point where we were going to remove the trap cage to try a different approach, when on Friday the 5th June I got a wonderful message from Susie ... " we've caught her ! " She had been seen on the neighbours lawn and with some quick thinking (and a pair of gloves ) was scooped up and put in the cage.

I messaged Shaani who couldn't quite believe we had her, then went round to Susie's to collect her and return her home to a very happy owner. She settled really quickly considering she had been out over 2 weeks enjoying her freedom but seemed happy to be back with her creature comforts and away from the potential dangers of a wild life.

From Shanni...

Thank you to everyone especially Sarah, Jules, Susie and all the neighbours ❤❤❤ I wish the best for you all and pray you all stay happy and blessed xxxx Thank you xxxxx

From Susie...

Jules has been absolutely amazing co-ordinating a safe reunion with a lost pet and its owner, putting her family to one side to help. Peterborough pets are very lucky to have such a kind person looking out for them 👏🥰

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