Joyful Jerry

Patrice messaged us to say she had found a 'puppy' in Orton. Jules went out to scan, but the chip was not bringing up any details. Jules took her to the vets and they had no further luck scanning her. While at the vets we were updated to a possible address for the owner. When Jennifer got home she contacted us straight away and Jules was able to reunite Jerry with her family.

It turns out even though she was full of beans. She's not a puppy, she is 7. Jerry, please stay safely curled up on the comfy do with Amazon.

"I cannot thank PLP enough for getting my baby home. Such lovely, friendly and helpful people. Amazon will be getting a huge bollocking from me for leaving my gate open. I'm so glad she's back safe. Happy kids and happy mummy."

*Jerry's owner posted the above pictures on Facebook


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