Joyful Julija

This is the first blog written by one of our members...

My heart is full of happiness and I want to share it with every person who is looking for their beloved pets, keep looking for them, keep hoping and never give up.
Our Jonny was missing for 14 days but it feels like 14 months. First few days we thought he would come back at any moment but he didn't. I have posted a message at our neighbourhood about a missing cat and one lady contacted me to tell that she saw a poor dead cat on A47 which looked very similar to Jonny. My heart stopped for a moment and then I realized that this might be true, this would explain why he is not coming back:(
I dressed my kids and went for a ride to see if this nightmare is real. At first when I saw it, I thought it was Jonny, I went another round and another and after the 5th time I understood it was enough, I was almost sure it was him. I couldn't stop crying. I decided to check the camera and stop it to see the picture more clearly and at this moment I was sure it was not him. My hope came back to me. I posted a message about him here at this group and it was the best move I could make to find Jonny.
Every walk with children was a walk with hope that Jonny is somewhere on the next street. Every night he was coming to my dreams and I felt, I knew he was alive. I just hoped he was not injured.
Three days ago (Jonny was missing for 11 days at that moment) amazing lady Laura added a comment she spotted Jonny. I wouldn't believe it was him but she made pictures (it was so smart to do it). No doubt it was him, though quite far away from home. At this moment I was preparing my son for a day nap but after getting address, I dressed my children and went to look for our cat. I was so happy, I knew today he would be home safe. Reality was a bit different. I have checked every bush, looked under every car in the pointed area but he was not there. I thought I came too late.
Back home I contacted Laura again and asked more information about what he was doing, how did he look. From what she told me, I understood Jonny will come back to Laura's garden because she gave him food, he is a clever boy.
Later that day I went to look for him again. This time I had printed posters and placed them around the area. But no luck again:(
Late at night my husband went to look for him hoping that Jonny will be more brave to come out of the place he was hiding. No luck. Next morning very early I went by myself again. No luck. People there were already looking at me with suspicion.
I knew that Laura was looking for him a few times a day too. And later that day I got a message from her that she found him sleeping in the bushes. I jumped to the car and when I arrived he was still there. Now I was sure all this madness is over. BUT...
Jonny recognised me but looked very tired and upset, so I brought food, came closer. He came closer too. I pet his head, he stepped back. Then came closer again, pet his head again thinking that I need to take him before he run away. And at the moment I touched his collar trying to pull him closer (this was a huge mistake) he got just mad. He badly scratched me and ran away. He was so close just a moment ago and so far away again:(
I understood that this way I will not get him back. I spoke to Laura if she will be ok to put a trap for Jonny in her garden and she agreed without a doubt.
Trap was delivered the next day. We placed his favorite food inside and left in the garden. The rest of the day I was hoping for a message about him but nothing.
The magic message came today:)and one hour later he was safe at home:)
He recognized everything, was obviously happy and finally relaxed. Got his food and had a good sleep.
All this would never happen without this group and Laura . There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for the time she spent looking for Jonny, for all the communication and amazing cooperation and patience.
During these two weeks I learned that we should never give up and that world is full of amazing people.
Thank you all who helped us to bring Jonny back, for sharing his post and supporting us with your thoughts.

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