Jynny's Journey

The beautiful Jynny went missing in Ferry Meadows while out on a walk with Dash. Her details were quickly circulated on social media and around Ferry Meadows. The first few days she was very active there was a number of sightings. Then it went quiet for sightings despite numerous searchers in area by Peterborough's Lost Pets members and admins.

Thankfully after 9 days missing, Justine and her two dogs Daley & Thompson found her near Woodston ponds she was hidden in the undergrowth. Justine carried her in her arms to the main road and called Peterborough's Lost Pets to contact Jynny's owner Dash.

We couldn't get hold of Dash straight away, so one of our admins Mandy went to meet Justine as she was struggling with the three dogs. Dash then got the messages that we had left and called us back and headed over to get her and it was one very happy reunion. 

As a thank you to Justine and the boys we sent her a black Labrador ornament and the boys a massive hamper from D&A Sanders Pet Care Specialists Yaxley

I think we can safely say the boys were happy with their presents 

The lovely Jynny is doing well she has lost some weight, but Dash is happy to feed her back up.

From Dash..."Could never be mad it was my fault she got lost I wasn't paying enough attention. It sure won't happen again tho, the not knowing was the worst, I don't ever want to feel that pain again. I couldn't stop hugging Justine for finding her. Thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart and all my best to you all"

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