Little Lost Luna

Written by Jennie

Luna was adopted from the RSPCA on New Year’s Eve 2018. Despite being a little nervous at times, she settled well and loved snuggling on her owner’s crocheted blankets. In June 2019, Luna’s neighbours moved, and Luna vanished. It was assumed that Luna might have hitched a ride in the removal lorry, so her owners regularly searched the area that the neighbours had moved to. Posters were made, groups on Facebook were notified, sadly, there was absolutely no sign of poor little 10-month-old Luna.

Fast forward to August 2021, Peterborough's Lost Pets received a message from one of our lovely members, Lisa, to say she had thought she had found Luna and shared a picture with us. It certainly looked like a match.

I nipped over to scan the found cat and checks with the vet. Who came back as a positive. IT WAS INDEED LUNA! She had been missing for more than two years. She hadn’t gone for a ride, after all, she was only half a mile from home! Owing to a misunderstanding in the cul-de-sac where she appeared, people moving in, people moving out, everyone thought someone else owned Luna. She made lots of friends, including a lovely little girl who played with Luna & made a special little bed for her. Upon discovering that nobody actually owned Luna, the lovely young lady, had searched through missing pet sites, including PLP, and found Luna’s missing post. This is when Lisa contacted us.

Needless to say, Luna’s owners were more than a little surprised to receive a telephone call from the vet letting them know that Luna had been found alive and well. Unfortunately, they were stuck in a traffic jam on their way to Scotland. They couldn’t bear the thought of Luna spending any more time on the street, so I offered to take Luna home with me until they returned. There was quite a little gathering to say farewell to Luna when I collected her, including one very teary little girl. After a few days with me, Luna is now home, still a little nervous, but warm and safe with her overjoyed family. The power of the microchip again!


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