Lucky Lollipop

On the 29th of September, we got an alert from one the websites that Peterborough's Lost Pets follow. The alert was for a female ferret/polecat missing from Westwood named Lollipop missing since the 27th of September.

We added a post straight away on to our group to see if we can get Lollipop home to her family.

Later that day we saw a post go up for a ferret found in Dogsthorpe. We quickly asked the colour of the found ferret and it matched Lollipop. We messaged Lollipop's owner to say a ferret had been found the same colouring and if we could have some more pictures to cross-reference. While waiting to hear back from Lollipop owner we shared the found ferret advising it could be Lolipop, but couldn't be sure at this stage and maybe another ferret. We also messaged a lady who we have helped before that lives a street away from where this ferret was found. Through messaging we soon realised the found ferret was Minnie, not Lollipop and was reunited with her family. We messaged Lollipop's owner to let her know the ferret wasn't Lollipop.

On the 1st a post went up on a local Facebook group by John James about a ferret spotted all morning in his garden in Walton. He kindly agreed to let Jules have access to try and capture the ferret. When Jules got there, however, there was no sign of the ferret. Our ferret expert Martyna was on hand to direct Jules where to look and she was able to capture the ferret.

Jules scanned the ferret and unfortunately, she wasn't chipped. The ferret was checked over an in good health and determined to be a healthy neutered female ferret/polecat. We messaged Lollipop's owner again advising about the found ferret in Walton and again we heard nothing back, and none of our previous messages had shown as read.

It was very frustrating as we married up the markings with all the pictures we had and we were pretty certain it was Lollipop. Jules, decided we need to do a post looking for Lollipop's owner. She added a post to our group and to groups in Westwood where Lollipop was missing from. We heard nothing back till this morning when one of our members was scrolling through our group and came across Lollipop's post and knew her owner, Lisa. She explained Lisa was not on Facebook and from the photos we had shared it was Lollipop. We arranged for Lisa to come and view the ferret we believed to be Lollipop. Soon as Lollipop saw Lisa she got all excited and curled up in her mum's hands.

Lisa was thrilled and close to tears. Only yesterday she had to have a conversation with her kids that Lollipop may not be coming home. Lollipop's sister Sassy had also been pining for her and from the pictures below I think you can say she's glad to have her sister back too.

Lollipop may not have the record for our furthest travelled ferret, but in the 3/4 days, she still managed to safely get across the A47. Luck was definitely on her side, on her journey.

Lisa hadn't seen any of the messages we had sent they had all gone in her spam/junk folder. Please, if you sign up to any lost pet websites check their website inboxes regularly, your spam/junk folder on email and the other message folder on Facebook.

Now stay safe munchkin xx


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