Microchipped Magnus

The lovely Ellen posted in Missing Pets March Cambridgeshire & Surrounding areas that she had a cat visiting her garden for a few months. The cat was healthy, but had been getting more mattered.

As he had been hanging around for so long. Jenny who runs Missing Pets March Cambridgeshire & Surrounding areas went to scan the cat.

When scanned they were in for a shock he had been missing for over a year from 15 miles away in Stanground.

Magnus was reunited with her ecstatic family on Saturday the14th of Marc. As you can see from the below it was like he had never been away.

From Prescilla

"Thanks so much everyone! Safe to say he is one spoilt and cuddled kitty right now. Amazing as he instantly remembered his brother (Shadow) where his food tray and his favourite sleeping spot is, over a year on! Thanks so much again to Jenny and everyone who helped make this possible ❤️"

"Thanks so much everyone for the kind words! I’m still pinching myself 😭 eternally grateful for this moment which so many families don’t get to experience 😔 hugging Magnus a little longer and tighter today xx

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