Morrisons Mouser

Twinks the cat went missing August 2016. 

After months of no sightings, Cassandra had given up hope of seeing her baby girl again. Unbeknown to Cassandra, Twinkle had pop to Morrisons to buy herself a fish supper and lost her way back.

Over the next 17 months, she made many friends as Morrisons and she got to sample many food. Until the 21st of January when her Knight in shining arm Dusmanas, decided to post her on Facebook and take her home to get her chipped checked.

When Peterborough's Lost Pets saw Dusmanas's post. We cross referenced our missing grey and white cats. We identified Twinks was missing from same area and had the grey beard. We waited anxiously for Cassandra to see the message we had sent. The minutes seemed liked hours waiting for her to see the message. Then we saw the reply we were hoping for (see above). Cassandra contacted Dusmanas straight away and he even dropped Twinks back just before midnight so she didn't have to wait another day.

Pictures of Twinks back home after 17 months

Welcome Home Baby Girl xx


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