Operation Oscar

Let's rewind to June 2017, Oscar and his sister Tribble went missing from Orton Malborne. Oscar and Tribble's family started a massive Facebook campaign to get their fur babies back. As well as physically searching for them for months in Orton Malborne.

As the years passed, Lesley regularly posted pleas for information across social media.

Fast forward to May 2020 a lovely lady called Nicola, sent us a message about a very cheeky munchkin that had been visiting her in Orton Waterville. He had even broken in through her cat flap to steal her cats food. He was very food orientated, meowing, demanding food.

As he was a very healthy cat and certainly not underweight, we asked Nicola to add a paper collar onto him. We didn't want to stress him out unnecessarily till we were sure he was lost. Often cats seem to be strays but they have a home. Due to their nature they do tend to roam and can appear to be lost.

A paper collar can be made from a strip of paper with a message, Please call me on 07XXXXXXXXX if this is your cat as I thought it might be lost". Sellotaping just the ends together once on the cat. You can download a version from here

We also added a post on to our Facebook group. Where we heard that this fur baby was well known in the area and was not just visiting Nicola. No one knew who he belonged to, but they thought he lives in that area.

After a few days of the paper collar with no call or the collar being removed. We decided that we need to scan him for a chip. Thankfully, scanning him for a chip would be easy as he was regular as clockwork between 8pm and 9pm at Nicola's. When Nicola called to say he arrived, Jules donned full PPE clothing and went to scan him while Nicola stayed in the house. Once the scanner passed over him, we learnt he was chipped. It was also a relief to Nicola's cats, in particular Salem.

Thankfully Oscar's owners had kept his chip details up to date, so after a few shocked and tearful phone calls. Oscar was reunited with his mummy after having a sleep over at Jules's for a couple of nights.

Once home it was like he had never left. He remembered where his food was kept and went straight there. Not food oriented much lol

Lesley posted... I just wanted to put a quick BIG shout out to the team at Peterborough's Lost Pets. Today after almost 3 years - the team have found one of my babies - Oscar who went missing from Orton Malborne and found many homes in Orton Waterville - he’s finally coming home on Wednesday - I’m so grateful to everyone here and to the ones who have cared for him and are sending him home and super grateful for the lady who will take care of him for the next couple of days until I can be home to bring him back home - thank you and please microchip your babies! Now let’s find Tribble 😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We are safe to say Oscar is as happy as Lesley is to be reunited. Please, be a good munchkin and no more adventures. Please, anyone missing a family member don't give up hope as shown miracles do happen :)

Finally, we leave you with the request to keep looking for Tribble. You can get more details on her here


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