Overjoyed in Orton

Sixteen-year-old Marleen had been missing for 17 days from Orton Brimbles. When we had a message from Janine to say she was in her back garden.

She sent us the picture and it was clear it was Marleen, due to her unusual markings.

Despite a few attempts, we couldn't get hold of her owner Adell. We decided as we were sure it was Marleen to go help Janine's capture Marleen and keep her inside till we could contact Adell. Jules tried one more time to call Adell before taking Marleen back to hers overnight and left her another message. Within a few minutes, Adell called back over the moon.

Jules took her straight to her family. Above are the Pictures Jules took of Marleen at home. It turns out she had gone to her old house, clever girl :)

From Adell...

"Thank you so much xx ❤️ lots of love to Janine for finding Marlene and to Jules for bringing her back home to us and to Sarah for all her help and support. Words can’t describe how grateful and happy we all are to have our baby back home with us 🥰 xxx"

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