Patsy's Journey Home

Bhavini's Orange Winged Amazon Parrot Patsy went missing from Woodston on the 8th of August .

Our bird export Jules offered loads of advise and Bhavini shared Patsy on Animal Search UK

Over the following two days there were many sightings of Patsy, but she was being a munchkin and staying out of reach.

Finally she was sighted within reach next to the Cherry Tree pub. Bhavini, Iain and Jules headed straight over, but unfortunately Patsy was out of reach. Thankfully a lovely gentleman from P&S Electrical Peterborough Ltd lent them a ladder to reach her.

After a big ladder, lots of coaxing and being stuffed unceremoniously into a jumper he was reunited :).

Thank you from Bhavini and Iain

"Wow I don't know how to thank you enough! From the bottom of our hearts we are extremely grateful for both of your help & advice! Needless to say we are over the moon & so happy to have our pet family complete again.....lessons learnt & Patsy won't be allowed outside in on our hands EVER, unless we teach her how to get into a bird flight harness. We are slowly introducing her toys back to her in her just cleaned cage. She eaten some monkey nuts & Harrison's pellets. She was very thirsty & had 24 sips of water from her bowl. We've now put her to bed back in her home & as she has had an extremely eventful 2 days I expect her to sleep in tomorrow.
Also, going to get Patsy checked over at the vet tomorrow....hopefully she will get the all clear. Going to bed & actually get some sleep for a change knowing Patsy is safe & sound.
Oh forgot to say please thank the ladder man on our behalf, as it would not have been possible to get to Patsy without him!

Eternally grateful, B (& Iain) xxx"


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