Reuniting Rocky

Weronika sent us a message about a ginger cat that had turned up at her house a few days prior asking if we could help. Tina, once again agreed to go scan the cat as he wasn't leaving the area. Weronika had even made him a makeshift shelter to keep him warm. 

When Tina scanned the cat to our delight he was chipped, but unfortunately, the chip wasn't registered. We took him to Vets4Pets to be checked over, he got the all clear. With the help of the chip company and Vets4Pets, we established that the cat had his chip implanted at Pengelly & Mizen Veterinary Surgeons. We gave them a call and to our delight, they found contact details associated with the chip. They called us back within half an hour, after speaking to his owner. They passed us the owners name and telephone number. We gave Alise a call straight away and she advised Rocky had been missing a week.

That evening we arranged with Weronika for Rocky's owner to come to collect him. We have advised that his chip details need to be updated, which Alise said she will. 


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