Saving Silver

Back on the 3rd of August, we got a message from a lady who spotted a Bearded Dragon in her garden. Unfortunately, she was unable to catch him.

Knowing he was unlikely to survive long in the wild, Nick and Shelley sprung into action searching the area, but with no luck. When we all had given up hope, the original lady messaged to say she had caught him. Spookily Nick had decided to take one last look for him, so could collect straight away.

Unfortunately, Silver was found with the lower half of his front right leg missing and in a very lethargic state.

After taking the advice they were able to warm him up in some warm water, clean his wound, and pop him into a spare vivarium they had (They foster African Pygmy Hedgehogs for a rescue).

Silver was taken to the vets and has been put on two treatments of antibiotics after X-Ray's and consultation.

Nick and Shelley are adopting and care for Silver as it's clear he has simply been abandoned, but by doing so they are accepting to burden the cost of his (thankfully discounted) veterinary bills.

From Nick and Shelly.."Again a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We've been overwhelmed by the generosity of people. From people sharing and donating money, to friends and businesses donating equipment and sharing advice. Silvers vivarium is now fully set up with a timed UV light and thermostatic heat lamp as well as some basic decorative pieces for him to climb and scratch against. Just a few more bits to get for him now and the continuation of his meds before a check up. He's looking so much healthier, his colouring and markings are coming back out and he looks a real handsome chap. Thanks again everyone!"
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