Sneaky Shadow

In January sneaky Shadow decided that she would scare Lynne-Anne and go on a jolly around Peterborough.

She wasn't a dog that likes to stay in one place, she visited Westwood, Dogsthorpe, Netherton, Ravensthorpe as well as her home area of Bretton. 

Shadow even had time to do her bit for charity and popped into the local Sue Ryder shop.

She teased poor mum Lynne-Anne with a variety of sightings, but every time she got there Shadow had moved on to her next adventure.

Then very late Sunday the 28th, we get a fantastic message from Rachel at the East of England Ambulance Team. Shadow decided to go pay them a visit and they managed to keep hold of her till we could contact Shadow's Mummy. 

Shadow was reunited with Lynn-Anne, just after midnight. She went to the vets later that day to be checked over and she got the all clear.

No more scarring Mummy Shadow, we are glad she is home safe x

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