Swan Salvation

On the 26th September 2019, a post was shared on the Thorney community page by Sarah Potts alerting to the plight of a Cygnet sat precariously close to the A47 bypass. He had possibly mistaken the wet road on a sunny day as a river.

After calling local wildlife rescue, I went along to see if I could help keep him safe or possibly contain him in case Unity were unavailable, taking the largest crate I had.

He looked rather lost and forlorn when I arrived, so as not to spook him I slowly walked alongside him and crouched low between him and the road, hoping to stop him from flying into the path of the traffic, whilst waiting for Unity to arrive.

A local lady .. Sylvia Robins (previously involved with swan rescue) had also seen him and called the police a little while earlier, she returned and pulled her car over just before us to guide traffic further away. After a short while, the police arrived and we gently surrounded him so if he were to go anywhere it would be toward the bushes and not the road.

The first attempt to catch him was unsuccessful and he ran a little further up the path, after a quick chase "Hot Fuzz style " to get in front of him and block his path, and with the police and Sylvia corralling. I managed to catch hold of his neck and hold him safely whilst the officers brought the crate over and we rather unceremoniously bundled him in and covered him so he calmed quite quickly.

Unfortunately, Unity Rescue was busy on another shout so after a little while we decided to take him to the river, a short drive away to release, as there were no injuries and he was capable of running and using his wings as witnessed from his earlier escape attempt!

We found a nice pontoon which would give the best chance of him heading in the right direction on release and as you will see from the video he was more than ready to return to the water taking off up the river in search of friends.

Click here for the release video.


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