Swan Salvation 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

We were contacted by Michelle, saying there was a swan in a field in Crowland. Jules went out and tried to catch him/her, but it ran off jumped into a dyke. Unity Wild went and collected the cygnet. They examined it whilst there and there was no sign of blood and both wings opened fully. They didn't know why s(he) was in the field away from their family. They brought it back to theirs to check properly. They suspect it has hurt its leg in landing. It doesn't like putting weight on it which might account for the wobbly walk Jules observed. It will be monitored and all being well I'll take it back and locate the family before releasing.

Update 27/10 from Michelle...The families had all split up everywhere so eventually we found 2 quite large cygnets the same as ours and decided that was a good bet. He/she swam straight to them, in between them and off they all merrily went together. They will all probably meet up and sort themselves out but Unity was very happy with how the 3 reacted instantly in harmony. It was so beautiful to watch X


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