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On the 8th of October we received multiple notifications/sightings of a large tan dog running on the parkways between Orton, Hampton and Stanground. 

Just after 19:00 we heard the horrible news that the dog had been hit by a car on the parkway and had run off.

Thankfully, we heard at 20:00 that he had been spotted at the Tesco Hampton car park, by Kelly and Kerry. The ladies waited with the dog while we headed over. Rushing out the door with treats leaving our dinner and not grabbing our scanner (rookie mistake lol).

 The girls called the RSPCA out while we were on route, as we believed he was injured. While we waited for the RSPCA (They were on another call out), we concentrated on keeping the dog in the area as there were a lot of people around. It was not an easy task with a lot of people doing late night shopping, people showing off their cars and cyclist going by. One cyclist was so intrigued the poor guy fell off his bike. We started gaining the dogs trust with treats, low voices, staying low to the ground and making no eye contact. He was coming so close, but we didn't want to risk grabbing him.

After about 10 minutes, Hayley (who has helped us out on many occasions in the past) arrived with more food, some leads and the main lady herself Flo (see picture below). People had advised on other posts earlier in the day he was interested in other dogs. Flo was a little angel every time there was noise or people and the dog went to bolt, he stopped every time he saw Flo and came running back.

Thankfully the RSPCA arrived ahead of their ETA and join forces with us, Hayley and Flo gaining the dogs trust. While Kelly and Kerry tried to keep drivers and the public from the area. Fenland Animal Rescue also arrived after searching the parkways with for the police for the dog. While Hayley and Flo had the dog distracted both RSPCA and FAR were able to capture him.

They got him back to the vans and after a struggle got him in the van. We got excited when he came up chipped, but unfortunately the chip wasn't registered. He was checked over and he somehow had escaped any injury.

We've had an update from the dog warden this morning he is doing OK but know owner has come forward as of yet.


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