Time Travelling Tommy

This morning the Peterborough's Lost Pets team got a message from a lovely lady called Linda explaining that she had received a message about a possible sighting of her missing cat in Sawtry that went missing in 2016. She had contacted vets regarding scanning the cat, but none could help as only taking emergency cases. The family also spoke to Partridge Farm Kennels who suggested we may be able to help.

Tommy had gone missing in July 2016 with his brother Jake. Jake returned home pretty quickly, however, there was no sign of Tommy.

Jules agreed to go scan the cat that had been reported following full precautions were made with the Covid-19 virus. Linda and Jules were both ecstatic when the scanner showed the cats chip matched Tommy's

Tommy has settled back at home, even borrowing Jake's favourite chair.

I think we can safely say that Jake is happy to have his brother home. Stay safe little man x


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