Vixie the Vixen

Never a dull moment or morning off here at Peterborough's Lost Pets, every day there is something it was this little fox cub, found collapsed at the top of a field, she was in dire need of some help.

As a team we regularly foster animals for a variety of charities. We are so proud of our relationship with other animal charities such as the Rspca Peterborough Branch, Peterborough Cats Protection, Fenland Animal Rescue and Ravenswood Pet Rescue. The help and guidance they’ve given us over the years has been invaluable. This is as well as the hundreds of calls and cases they deal with a year.

Today was a prime example. I found this young fox cub that needed urgent medical assistance. Fenland Animal Rescue was amazing in taking her in at a moment's notice and offering her the care and treatment she so desperately needs. Fenland are always there for animals in need and as a purely voluntary organisation, they rely heavily on public support to keep going....making their level of care and dedication even more precious of a resource.

We can't thank them and the other charities enough for the help they offer to the lost and poorly furbabies and wildlife in our area.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Vixie passed away later that day. Run free baby girl too beautiful for earth 

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