Tips to stop your dog from becoming lost

Do not leave a dog alone or take for a walk. When there is fireworks

Ensure that your dog is microchipped and the details are up to date. This is also a legal requirement

Make sure your dog wears a collar with up to date dog tags, even in the home

GPS dog collar, to track your dogs movement

Do not leave your dog tied up outside a shop even if it's just a couple of minutes

Don't leave your pet unsupervised outside. Over 50% of dogs stolen are stolen from gardens

Teach children the importance of keeping gates and doors locked. When doors closed utilise door chains

Check fencing and gates before letting your dog out in the garden. Especially when it is strong winds

Exercise your dog regularly. To burn off excess energy

During parties be sure to inform guests that gates and doors need to be shut and locked

Take photographs of your dogs, making sure you take some at different times of the year and different angles. Including any unique markings

Be vigilant while on walks and vary your route 

Neutered dogs are less likely to wander off in search of a mate and less thief attractive

Two essential commands your dog must know are ‘Come’ and ‘Stay'

Have a good quality collar and lead. That is less likely to break or the dog to slip the collar






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